Sabine Edelsbacher

Arcana (2001)


Tracklist (Disc 1):
1: Ascending (01:07)
2: Starlight Reverie (04:12) Lyrics
3: The Palace (06:55) Lyrics
4: A Moment Of Time (04:05) Lyrics
5: Fly On A Rainbow Dream (04:41) Lyrics
6: Color My Sky (04:33) Lyrics
7: Velvet Eyes Of Dawn (06:16) Lyrics
8: The Whisper Of The Ages (06:07) Lyrics
9: Into The Light (05:21) Lyrics
10: Suspiria (05:09) Lyrics
11: Winter Winds (04:41) Lyrics
12: Arcana (09:48) Lyrics

Sabine Edelsbacher: Lead and Backing Vocals
Lanvall: Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Kurt Bednarsky: Bass
Roland Navratil: Drums
Andreas Eibler: Rhythm and Lead Guitars

All music, lyrics and vocal melodies by Lanvall
Produced by Lanvall
Recorded at House Of Audio Studios by Jochen Weyer
Mixed at House Of Audio Studios by Dennis Ward
Remastered at the Red Room by Andy Horn
Cover artwork by Markus Mayer
Booklet Design by Reinhard Schmid
Original Booklet-Design by Alexander Rauser
Photos by Gaby Lackner-Strauss
All Songs published by BSE Publishing/BMG-Ufa